Rox Ran (@RoxRan216) - You Winnin [video]

Heaven On Earth. Hailing from Cleveland OH, Rox Ran is taking a leap of faith with his own music. With the background of both parents being vocally blessed, and his father working as a DJ, there’s no surprise that Rox Ran is able to make hit tracks such as “Lifestyle” and “Winning”. Through influences such as De La Soul, Mos Def, and Nas, Rox Ran instills the individuality he’s learned from each of these artists, into his own project. “I kind of try to be me on every song. I can’t really say how I am much different or alike to anyone else, I just keep the goal in mind to make amazing music with every opportunity.” It is in that individuality that Rox Ran is hoping for more than just hit songs, he’s hoping to inspire people to become motivated to go after their personal goals and see them through. Rox Ran would also like to encourage his fans to identify with themselves and find their own originality. As far performing for his fans, Rox Ran’s favorite venues are music and celebratory festivals, but don’t be surprised to see him showcasing at places such as the House of Blues and Peabody’s in Cleveland. Make sure you give Rox Ran your attention so he can give you a little bit of “Heaven On Earth”! Links YouTube channel Twitter:


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