Natty Boi - "U Hearda Me?" (hosted by DJ Rell)

Rollz Royce Muzik Presents:
"U Hearda Me?" 
(Hosted by DJ Rell)

Natty Boi's new mixtape U Hearda Me? is hosted by DJ Rell and features the single "Smoke 2."

Front Cover:
"Smoke 2":

01. The Introduction [Prod. By Jordan]
02. U Heardame??? [Prod. By Jordan]
03.  Smoke 2 [Prod. By Jordan]
4. I'm On (Feat. Jay Bean) [Prod. By Jordan]
05. Getting Money (Feat. Jay Bean) [Prod. By Jordan]
06. Listen (Feat. Wallabe The Realest) [Prod. By Joey French]
07. Throw It Up [Prod. By Jordan]
08. Work [Prod. By Jordan]
09. Hustle 4 You (Feat. Young Wise & Jay Bean) [Prod. By Joey French]
10. You Ain't Seein' Me [Prod. By Jordan]
11. K.O.T.O. [Prod. By Key Pusherz]
12. The After Hour (T.D.F.W.) [Prod. By Jordan]

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