[News] Rapper, One Son (@tharealONESON) Uses HipHop to Aid Cerebral Palsy Disorder Awareness

Acclaimed rapper, One Son, has been rapping for a cause and touching the lives of many. Following the “All Night Long” single, One Son releases a single titled “Janessa”; both singles are on One Son’s “Brilliant” EP. “Janessa” reflects on the ups and downs in the daily lives of people dealing with Cerebral Palsy. After experiencing Cerebral Palsy disorder first hand, the aspiring rapper dedicated the song to his beautiful daughter “Janessa”. Janessa was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy disorder since birth. Doctors said that she would never walk but three years later she was walking. One Son and his family were blessed with a miracle and he felt the need to give back; One Son became an activist for the Cerebral Palsy cause. Throughout the years One Son has done numerous fundraising performances to raise the awareness of Cerebral Palsy disorder. HipHop is a powerful means to reach out to the masses and One Son has been using it effectively. Every interview, performance, and media access is a new opportunity for One Son to raise awareness. HipHop supporters are urged to listen to the single “Janessa” as One Son raises the awareness of Cerebral Palsy through HipHop. Not many rappers are advocates for making a difference that change the world today. However, One Son beats the odds and campaigns with various nonprofit organizations for Cerebral Palsy and Cancer awareness.

Fans and well-wishers may join the One Son’s movement via social media.

Please refer to the links below:

One Son – Janessa (single) https://oneson1.bandcamp.com/track/janessa-feat-tia-2

One Son - All Night Long (single) https://oneson1.bandcamp.com/track/all-night-long-feat-joe-v

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Son/202055883152283


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